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New members receive a free personal locker. Enjoy clutter-free living and added convenience. Simplify your life with us today!

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Private Room for females!

Exclusive Female-Only Retreat: Discover your private sanctuary with us. Safety, comfort, and tranquility await. Join us today.

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Free Hi-Speed Wi-Fi

Stay connected with our complimentary Wi-Fi. Surf, work, and stream hassle-free during your visit. Enjoy the benefits of connectivity on us!

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Essential Supplies all time!

Stationery Essentials on Demand: Access your must-have supplies anytime. Never run out again. Convenience at your fingertips, whenever you need.


Banyans Study Hall, Where effort becomes achievement.

Our banyans study hall is a hallowed space where the journey of knowledge unfolds, and aspirations take flight. It's a sanctuary for learners, a realm where diligence and dedication pave the way to accomplishment. Within these walls, students invest their time, energy, and focus into the pursuit of wisdom. It's in this sacred solitude that the seeds of potential sprout, nurtured by the sweat of hard work. Each moment of concentration, every page turned, is a step toward realizing dreams. At Our Study Hall, we recognize the profound impact of this environment. We're committed to providing a nurturing, conducive space for students to transform effort into tangible achievement. Join us in this enlightening journey, where your academic ambitions find their wings.

Elevate your learning journey in our Banyans study hall, where knowledge meets success. Sign up now!

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